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About Watering Can Press

Watering Can mission:
Watering Can®
is committed to creating and distributing books and other products that nurture and inspire children as they grow into their roles as healthy, kind, confident and giving world citizens.

Our philosophy is that at the center of every book we create is… the child. We build books that create experiences as children co-author their books and get to explore, create, discuss, draw, and ultimately, learn and grow to be their best.

It all started when Ellen Sabin wanted to give her niece a special gift for her 6th birthday. Specifically, she wanted to help her niece see the joys of giving and the power of her actions to make a difference. Ellen decided to create a book on giving that would be empowering, fun, and educational. This book became The Giving Book. Within weeks of giving her niece the book, other parents were asking for copies, an elementary school principal ordered 200 copies and an editor of a major parenting publication encouraged her to share this gift with the world. The more she worked on fine-tuning the first book for publication, the more she realized the need for fun, engaging tools for children that teach, inspire and engage.

Watering Can today and in the future:
Watering Can continues to produce books for children, parents, teachers and community leaders that simultaneously provide fun and inspiration while addressing important values and encouraging personal development.

Reviews from the media, parents, and the educational community show that our activity-based and journal-style format mixed with our open and engaging narrative style is working to achieve our mission to engage children and stimulate conversations, creativity, thinking and actions.

Watering Can books don't just present a story with a message, they let children be part of the story and incorporate the messages about philanthropy, role models, tolerance, self-esteem, and overcoming challenges into their lives.

We will continue to tackle new topics and create quality products that help grow children with character. Read about our upcoming books. Learn about our custom book products and opportunities to tailor our books into corporate outreach programs.

We also supplement the messages and themes found in our books through author appearances that include speaking events for adults and readings for children.

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