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Ellen Sabin has infectious enthusiasm for the issues in her books. She has appeared on television programs across the country and spoken at many conferences, corporate events, and book fairs. Her excitement and experience make her an ideal speaker at venues for both children and adults.

Ellen's career as a leader with non-profit organizations around the world is an important factor in both the passion and expertise it took to create Watering Can Press and develop books that critics, parents, teachers, and community leaders have deemed as powerful tools in instilling important character traits in children. Her story is inspirational and her work has made her an expert on helping children embrace philanthropy, emulate positive role models, understand the importance of appreciating the differences in people, and do their part to make the world a better place.

Ellen speaks with passion about the subjects of her books and on how these topics relate to children, parents, teachers, organizations, corporations and communities.

Reading events for children:
Ellen can be booked to host an interactive and fun reading event for children. Each book offers a unique and valued message for a memorable event! Inspire giving and volunteering with The Giving Book; engage children in finding positive role models with The Hero Book; teach acceptance of others with The Special Needs or Autism Acceptance Books; get kids/families excited about their health/wellness with The Healthy Body Book; excite your community about ‘going green’ with The Greening Book; and get a buzz about financial literacy with The Nickels, Dimes, and Dollars Book; and ignite creativity as you inspire children toward their power to discover, create, and invent the future with The Imagine It Book!

She’s led readings at venues ranging from classrooms to school assemblies; from those hosted by corporate sponsors—like celebrating heroes with The NY Knicks on the Intrepid for Boys/Girls Club participants or a massive outdoor reading at the Boston Globe Book Festival with players from the Celtics; as well as at community centers, housing projects, JCCs, and large family-friendly fairs.

Reading events are engaging, inspiring, and warm. Ellen can host the reading event alone, or she can share the stage with community/corporate partners, local political leaders, or celebrities. She can sign book copies, as well.

Visit our YouTube page to see a variety of reading events. Some events are hosted by Ellen, others incorporate local partners to share the stage, and some are conducted by local leaders from community groups, nonprofits, or the employees from companies using our books to fill their missions.

Speaking events for adults:
Ellen speaks at corporate events, or to community leaders, and groups of parents or teachers about laying a foundation around the topics in her books.

Some examples include: Events at community foundations or for financial institutions interested in presentations about ‘how to engage the next generation in giving and volunteering’; speaking to audiences in communities, of educators, or organizations on ‘why it’s important to build communities accepting of people with special needs’; sessions with grief counselors, or others relating to supporting children through grieving; and participating in inspiring sessions with communities about how to help them teach their children to care for their bodies, go green, learn to be wise about money matters, or addressing other topics in her series.

The author can work with you to design an approach fitting for your venue and mission.

     See further examples of specific topics and short video clips of some reading events below.

Recent years have reiterated the importance of philanthropy in helping those in need and working together to solve problems in communities ranging from natural disasters to disease or environmental issues. The Giving Book has inspired children across the country to get excited about making a difference and making the world a better place!

Ellen's philanthropic background makes her an ideal speaker to inspire children with The Giving Book's message and enroll them in their Giving Book journey through readings and events at schools, youth-group settings, or local bookstores.

Click here to watch a video excerpt of one reading event led by Ellen and John Starks, and hosted by the New York Knicks and Starbucks.

Click here to watch video of “Good Day Atlanta” interview about The Giving Book and instilling the spirit of giving in children.

Ellen Sabin was among the award-winning authors chosen to participate at the Library of Congress National Book Festival which gathers over 100,000 attendees at the Mall in DC. Watch the video of Ellen's presentation.

Role Models:
In a media driven culture, it can be hard for children to find and embrace positive role models. The Hero Book is a tool to help children understand what makes their heroes special and admirable. It also encourages them to celebrate their own positive qualities. Likewise, Ellen's presentations on the importance of role models can inspire children to strive for excellence, appreciate the admirable qualities in others, and be a hero for those around them.

Watch video clip of reading event led by Ellen and Celtics star JoJo White.

Special Needs and Acceptance:
Ellen worked closely with some of the country's top autism experts and advocates to develop The Autism Acceptance Book, a tool that helps children better understand people with autism and to accept people who are different from themselves. After receiving many requests for books that address other special needs, she wrote The Special Needs Acceptance Book to help more children, families, schools and communities create an environment of understanding and acceptance. An important part of building character in children is teaching them to be kind, patient, and compassionate when dealing with other people. It's a message that Ellen can communicate to both children and adults in a way that is both engaging and empowering.

Ellen has been a keynote speaker at venues to launch Autism Awareness Month, participate in ARC annual events, and at community groups to share messages about the importance of teaching acceptance. She has also been called upon by school districts, educators associations, and youth leaders to provide tips and ideas about educating children to build tolerant environments.

“I was delighted to have Ellen participate as part of the United Nations' first ever World Autism Awareness Day. UN staff, diplomats and visitors were in attendance to hear Ellen's heartfelt remarks about teaching kids to be kind and accepting of their peers with autism. I sincerely hope her book gets spread around the world; it carries a universal message full of hope and compassion.”
Juan Carlos Brandt, Chief, Advocacy and Special Events, United Nations.

Other topics:
Ellen’s books and focus are similarly valued by venues interested in spreading messages, tips, and attention about environmental awareness, a focus on healthy choices, financial literacy, and character education.

Watch Ellen Sabin reading The Nickels, Dimes and Dollars Book with third graders at Harlem Children's Zone.

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