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Celebrate Family Book

THE CELEBRATE FAMILY BOOK: YOU AND YOUR WONDERFUL, UNIQUE, ONE-OF-A-KIND FAMILY inspires children to understand and respect that every family is unique and to find value, safety, joy, and pride in their own. It invites them to practice the art of creating and celebrating good times with their family; navigating family challenges; and embracing their own unique role that completes their family.

This 64 page book combines activities, conversation starters, and journal-style pages that engage children (ages 6-11) in a fun process to think about the value of their family, learn more about their family members, and ignite family conversations and quality time. Children will also get to practice character-building relationship skills along their journey through this book.

This book is for every child and every family—it allows children to write, draw, scrapbook and fill in their ideas to embrace their one-of-a-kind family and their own personal value in that family.

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The Celebrate Family Book grows kids with character by:
Providing activities that encourage healthy communication and quality family time.

Inviting them to respect that every family is unique and to find pride in their own.

Strengthening their sense of value and self-worth by showing that they are special and that their family wouldn’t be the same without them.
Encouraging them to practice building healthy relationship skills--like communicating their feelings, compromise, being thankful, and more.

Why The Celebrate Family Book is important for today's children…

Today, children live in many different family structures. Many children live in two-parent households but a large percent have parents who are divorced. Roughly 23% of children are living with single mothers, 10% are raised by a grandparent, 6% are raised by same-sex couples, 2.5% of children are adopted, and foster children move into homes. Households, step-families, religions, and races blend in many families.

What is consistent is that family … is family and children ‘win’ when they honor and celebrate their unique family and when they recognize their personal value in that family.

We all know that family life can also be difficult sometimes. This book encourages children to express themselves and learn ways to face challenges—both inside their family and in their larger communities.

Family is our first and closest ‘community’. It is where we learn and practice getting along with others and nurturing relationships. This book helps children and family members practice healthy habits that will serve them in their relationship with family, friends, and community throughout their lives.

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"We all know family is important, but this book helps remind us how special and unique each of us are in the ways we share and experience our gift of family. This book is an excellent way for homes, communities and businesses to stress the importance of family in our lives. Sabin’s book is fun, entertaining and engaging; I hope it ignites a focus on family and is shared far and wide."
- Mark A. Weinberger, Global Chairman & CEO, EY

"This intriguing book for young people motivated a much older person--me-- to think anew about what family is."
- Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education , Harvard Graduate School of Education

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