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Corporate Programs and Cause-Related Marketing

Corporate Overview

Cause-related marketing, community relations, and philanthropic programs have become an essential part of building brand loyalty, expanding business and establishing companies as socially responsible. Providing experiences or products that help build happy, healthy children, is a powerful way for corporations and organizations to make a lasting impact on customers.

Watering Can Press has worked with a range of departments – marketing, community relations, human resources and client services – across many industries to develop programs and products that help companies reach business and philanthropic goals. Our books are unique because they offer an interactive experience and a journal/scrapbook format to help children and families explore important issues like philanthropy, role models and self-esteem. Whether you use our existing products or create customized versions that promote your brand, our books become keepsakes that families will treasure for years to come.

Here are just a few of the ways we can work with your company or organization:
You can incorporate your visual branding and corporate messages into our books through our customized book program.

Use our products as gifts or giveaways for potential and existing clients, employees and vendors. View some other great program ideas for our books.

Plan reading events that can strengthen community relations or drive traffic to your events and/or locations.

Donate books to area schools or local organizations and take advantage of our bulk order discount program.

Work with Watering Can to create an original book that covers ideas, issues or messages that are most important to your organization.

Explore our site to learn more about our products and corporate program. Feel free to ask us about our work with other corporate and nonprofit clients. Contact us directly by emailing us or calling 212-243-3727.

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