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The Greening BookThe GREENING BOOK: Being a Friend to Planet Earth is a unique and empowering book that engages children in learning about environmental issues as it helps them discover their power to make a difference in the world by understanding, nurturing, and protecting our Planet. The 64-page book combines colorful illustrations, educational narrative, conversation starters, and fun learning activities to help children explore and record their appreciation for the gifts that they get from the earth and discover ways that they can “be a friend” back to the planet by taking care of it and keeping it healthy.

The Greening Book invites children to be the author of their own story through activities and journaling that will help them deepen their friendship with the earth and, in turn, develop a lifetime of habits that protect and nurture the world around them.

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The Greening Book grows kids with character by:
Encouraging them to recognize and appreciate the many gifts that they get from the earth.

Inviting them to be responsible citizens by making their own plan to help the planet and other living things.

Helping children view the earth as a “friend” and realize that friendships are two-way streets that require thoughtfulness and consideration in return.
Strengthening their self-esteem and sense of worth by showing them that their actions can make a difference in the world.
Inspiring them to learn more about the earth and its needs.

Why The Greening Book is SO important…

With the increased discussion and media coverage of environmental issues, children are hearing more about the problems our Planet is facing. Parents, corporations, organizations, and communities are looking for ways to educate and engage children on these issues and create a foundation that will help them grow into responsible citizens who care about the world around them. The Greening Book explains these issues to children in a way they can understand and empowers them to make choices that will help Planet Earth.

While there are numerous books and resources that explain environmental problems and give “green” tips, there is a lack of tools that help children understand WHY they should take care of the planet and help them discover things THEY can do to make a difference.  The Greening Book helps children feel involved and important by letting them decide how they want to make the world a better place.

Children who value the world around them and think about the impact of their decisions are the types of future leaders our planet needs.

This book is ideal for use in classrooms, camps, and other group settings. (A free Teacher's Guide is available to help teachers maximize the impact of the book.) Other free Tools and Guides are available for parents and community leaders- including a "Greening Party Guide".

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