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The HEALING HEROES BOOKThe HEALING HEROES BOOK: BRAVING THE CHANGES WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE IS WOUNDED IN SERVICE is an interactive book that helps children and families of wounded service members deal with the feelings, changes and challenges they face because of their loved one's injury.

This 64 page book combines educational narrative, conversation starters, activities, and journal-style pages to help children (ages 6-12) appreciate their military family, explore their feelings, ask questions, confront their concerns, and find ways to feel better when they are down.

Kids become the co-author of their book and it can be a powerful tool in their healing process as it opens lines of communication while supporting children and family members with information and suggestions of healthy ways to cope and move forward.

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Helps children understand and express their feelings by encouraging them to communicate and ask questions during a confusing time.
Provides a tool for adults to use in supporting a child and starting important conversations.
Gives children a positive place to focus their thoughts, while also providing ideas for feeling better when they are upset or confused.
Inspires children to be proud of the sacrifices they, their family, and their wounded hero have made through serving our country.

Provides information about service-related injuries (including post-traumatic stress, brain injuries, amputations and burns) so children can better understand the challenges of these wounds and the resulting behaviors, treatment, and recovery associated with them. Providing this information in a gentle, age-appropriate way helps prevent misinterpretations and reduce fears.

** The Healing Heroes Book is ideal for:
The children (6-13 years old) and families of our wounded warriors.
Companies and groups that want to support veterans on their team or in their community.
Any organization or professional working with military families including health/mental health professionals, schools, and youth-service organizations.
Healing Heroes Heart

Why The HEALING HEROES BOOK is SO important…

Over 1.7 million American service members served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Beyond the visible wounds, like burns and amputations, studies have found distressing rates of post-traumatic stress, brain injuries, depression, and other invisible wounds. These injuries change the lives of our service members and veterans, as well as the lives of their families, friends, and community. Over forty percent of active duty service members have children.

The children in military families already make sacrifices daily and face challenges that are different from their civilian peers. They cope with separations, moves, new schools, uncertainties, reintegration, and more. When a family member returns from service with an injury, it brings a new set of challenges, changes and feelings.

The HEALING HEROES BOOK helps children cope with those challenges, changes and feelings by providing age-appropriate information, encouraging them to express themselves, and offering suggestions to help them build healthy coping skills. The book also offers a structure for families (as well as the organizations and professionals who support them) to start valuable conversations about injuries, feelings, and moving forward through the healing process.

The families of service members are also heroes for the sacrifices they make and the challenges they overcome. It's important that we give back to these families and recognize the value of military family morale efforts. The HEALING HEROES BOOK is a powerful way to help families cope and recover.

Watering Can Press's award-winning books are proven tools in helping parents, teachers, and community leaders educate and empower children to become healthy, confident, independent, and caring world citizens.

This book can be used as a stand-alone tool or you can download our free Parent's Guide with additional ideas on ways families and communities can use the book to support children.

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Click here to download sample pages of The HEALING HEROES BOOK in PDF format (1.58 MB).

"Ellen Sabin's wonderful book teaches all of us about the impact of the wounds of war, both visible and invisible. It is a special gift to the children of the wounded and their families, who provide the healing spirit for so many remarkable young men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country."
- Mike Mullen, Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.) and 17th Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff
- Deborah Mullen, Military Family and Veteran's Advocate

"When service members sustain wounds, it affects the lives of their spouses and children. This book fills an enormous unmet need as it supports the whole military family. The author wraps insight, wisdom, research, and practical advice into a book that is engaging and hopeful."
- Lee and Bob Woodruff, Journalists

"This sensitive book helps children understand their changed family environments and offers valuable suggestions of healthy coping skills. Ultimately, this unique book encourages readers to express themselves, overcome fears, identify support systems, and find hope."
- Alma J. Powell, Chair of America's Promise Alliance

"Honest, direct, helpful, therapeutic, and above all a priceless aid to military children. This book belongs with each and every parent, health provider, therapist, or teacher seeking ways to support children in coping with a loved one wounded in service."
- Jay E. Berkelhamer, MD, Past President American Academy of Pediatrics

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Watering Can is pleased to give back. We will donate a portion of our profits from your purchase of this book to support wounded service members and their families.

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