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The Healthy Body BookThe HEALTHY BODY BOOK: Caring for the Coolest Machine You'll Ever Own is a unique and empowering book that engages children in learning about their bodies as it helps them discover their power to care for themselves by making healthy choices. The 64-page book combines colorful illustrations, educational narrative, conversation starters, and fun learning activities to help children deepen their understanding and respect for the human body. Through the book, each child will explore and record their appreciation for the gifts that they get from their body and discover ways that they can "be a friend" back to their body by taking care of it and keeping it healthy.

The Healthy Body Book invites children to be the author of their own story through activities that help them better appreciate the complexity and uniqueness of their bodies and, in turn, nurture habits that will have a positive impact on their health and well-being throughout their lives.

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The Healthy Body Books grows kids with character by:
Encouraging them to recognize and appreciate the many gifts that they get from their bodies.

Teaching them about body systems so that they will better understand their body and how to take care of it by making smart choices.

Helping children view their bodies' as a "friend" and realize that friendships are two-way streets that require care and consideration in return.
Providing exciting activities that encourage them to embrace healthy habits like exercise and eating well.
Strengthening their self-esteem and sense of worth by showing that their actions can have an impact on their health and well-being.

Why The Healthy Body Book is SO important…

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This quote shares a lifesaving truth that could reverse disturbing trends like the steadily rising obesity rate among our country's children. Unaddressed problems like obesity can lead to a higher risk of heart attack and stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and the psychological stress that comes from low self-esteem and teasing.

While our DNA can predetermine some health-related factors, we have tremendous influence over our longevity and well-being through our actions, behaviors, and habits. We must educate the next generation to care for their bodies in ways that will lead to a healthier tomorrow.

In addition to its health-promoting messages, this book is a great tool to teach children about the human body, inspire kids to find fitness and food options that they enjoy, and engage them in a process of decision-making that can positively influence ways they make choices and develop habits in other important areas of their lives.

The Healthy Body Book is a proven tool to help parents, teachers, and community leaders encourage children to embrace wellness and make healthy choices from the start.

This book is ideal for use in classrooms, camps, and other group settings. (A free Teacher's Guide is available to help teachers maximize the impact of the book.) Other free Tools and Guides are available for parents and community leaders- including a "Healthy Body Party Guide".

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download sample pages of The Healthy Body Book in PDF format (1.3 MB).

"Ellen Sabin, a former student of mine, has created an outstanding educational and practical tool for children and families. In a simple and friendly way, this book introduces balance, exercise, diet, and knowledge....it has the potential to improve the well-being of all who read it."
- Walter Willett, MD, Dr PH, Harvard School of Public Health

"I believe that all children need and deserve healthy bodies, healthy minds, and the tools to develop healthy habits. The Healthy Body Book - shared in homes, at schools, and in the community - is a valuable tool to help inspire healthy behaviors and actions that will support our children in leading happier, healthier and more productive lives."
- Alma J. Powell, Chair of America's Promise Alliance

"The development of healthy habits is a key ingredient in the recipe for a child's healthy future. This is a terrific book; it informs, motives, and inspires children. I hope it is shared far and wide."
- Jay E. Berkelhamer, MD, Past President American Academy of Pediatrics

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