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The Imagine BookTHE IMAGINE IT BOOK: DISCOVER, CREATE, AND INVENT OUR AMAZING FUTURE engages children and empowers them to pursue their ideas, embrace their curiosity, and merge creativity with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

This 64-page book combines fun learning activities with conversation starters and journal-style pages to inspire children to play, think, build, explore and learn. Along the way, it encourages children to harness their creative power to become lifelong learners, thinkers, and problem-solvers as they explore and find opportunities to shape the future through invention, innovation, and discovery.

Science and technology’s roles in our economy and society are only getting larger. This book offers creative and fun ways for boys and girls to develop their interest and skills in these areas. Children will strengthen their worldview and character as they learn to question, collaborate, take risks, and solve problems. This book allows children to become the co-author while building a lifelong foundation of confidence and knowledge to express their ideas, look for solutions to tomorrow’s problems, and use their creativity and talent to make a difference in the world.

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The Imagine It book grows kids with character by:

Helping them embrace their power to transform their imaginations and ideas into real-life discoveries and inventions.

Inviting them to envision the world they want to help create – whether that means saving lives, helping others, launching businesses, protecting the environment, etc.

Providing fun and engaging activities that encourage them to practice being observant, curious, open-minded, collaborative, systematic, courageous, and perseverant. These are qualities that can improve job opportunities, relationships and so many aspects of their daily lives.
Encouraging them to set goals and create action plans around positive activities like seeking-out strong role models.
Fostering imagination, sparking energy, encouraging spontaneity and helping them celebrate life’s magic and wonder.
Strengthening their confidence by showing that their ideas are worthy and that they have what it takes to create, invent and discover.

Why The Imagine It Book is SO important…

Everyone wants to equip their children with the tools to succeed in life. Engaging children in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is important for their futures and this book supports that journey.

Research shows that the earlier we expose children to STEM education, the more we can maximize its effectiveness and significant benefits. Creativity, confidence, problem-solving skills, and innovative thinking begin with the power of imagination. Tools that nurture imagination in young minds are essential. Girls and boys who embrace their ability to discover will feel more empowered. Studies have shown that imaginative people are happier, better able to handle life’s twists and turns, and more secure. Further, the skills they develop in this exploration create a stronger foundation for succeeding in life and thriving in rewarding careers. In addition, we have an economic imperative to grow more STEM talent to create a better future for our country…and our world.

This book broadens children’s worldview and shows them they can find their own unique niche in the technological age; from playing a role in finding solutions for cancer, hunger, or world problems; to creating cutting edge inventions that connect or entertain people; to exploring the planet, pursuing art, or creating new businesses.

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s problem-solvers, inventors and visionaries. Making science, technology, engineering, art, and math more fun, interesting, and relatable, plants a seed that can grow into a world of new opportunities. Ultimately, this book strengthens children’s confidence, shows their ideas have value, and validates their ability to create and discover.

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Sharing this book - best practices:

Watering Can Press books are proven tools in helping parents, teachers, mentors, and corporate and community leaders equip children with inspiration and information on their path to becoming healthy, confident, independent and strong world citizens.

For Families: The Imagine It Book creates on opportunity for families to have fun while engaging in conversations and activities that can educate and empower children. If you have a child in elementary or middle school, STEM skills can help lay the foundation for using their brain power, building their confidence, and becoming life-long explorers.

For Schools, NonProfits, and Youth Group Settings: This book is ideal for use in communities, classrooms, and youth group settings. (A free Teacher's Guide is available to help teachers maximize the impact of the book with lesson plans that link the book to National and State content standards.) Nonprofit organizations share copies to support children, families, and STEM initiatives.

For Mentoring or Volunteer Efforts: Employee and volunteer mentoring programs use Watering Can books with great success. The book’s journey offers a ready-made format to engage youth. In addition, reading events can be led by volunteers to spread STEM messaging (in classrooms, camps, youth settings). Finally, high school and college students have served as mentors; using our books with younger students with great value which allows the older students to mentor the younger ones and the magic and topics get reinforced for both age-groups at once.

For Companies: Whether spreading books through CSR efforts, supporting employee volunteer programs or events (like “Take Your Child to Work Day”), or sharing copies as outreach or marketing tools to showcase your values to customers and stake-holders, there are proven and diverse opportunities to reinforce your brand and spread STEM messaging in a unique, engaging, and memorable way.

Corporations/ organizations interested in sharing this book please email us for information about bulk discounts and customized corporate print runs.

Learn about a fun and exciting author visit and reading events with children in your community, schools and organizations.

"This book is a gift to children; it gives their imaginations freedom to grow and encourages them to turn their thoughts and ideas into creations. It’s also a valuable gift to all of us, as these children will be tomorrow’s problem-solvers who will advance our world."
- Tom Gruber, Co-inventor of Siri and Product Designer at Apple

"Exploring our planet and beyond challenges us to think and dream bigger. If you want to empower the next generation to change the world, share this book far and wide.”
- Charles F. Bolden Jr., Maj. Gen. USMC (Ret),12th NASA Administrator and Astronaut

“The Imagine It Book—shared in homes, at schools, and in the community—is a valuable tool to help inspire the passion, learning, and calls-to-action that will support children in becoming the next generation of innovators and leaders.”
-Jackie Bezos, President and Co-Founder, Bezos Family Foundation

“The most inspired thinkers and innovators share some common qualities, like raw curiosity, unprejudiced observation, and the courage to think differently. Sabin’s book captures the magic of how ideas, when pursued, can enrich us, the people around us, and the world we live in. It invites children to experience the thrill of inquiry into science, technology, engineering, or math and the joy of discovery.”
- Walter Isaacson, President and CEO, The Aspen Institute and author of ‘The Innovators’ and biographies of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin

"If you want to inspire a child to dream or desire to one day be an entrepreneur, giving them this book is a very good start. I can think of a few adult CEO's that should read it too! It's full of powerful building blocks of creating thinking and problem solving laid out in a playful and interesting manner.”
- Kevin O'Leary, Investor, Shark and Chairman of O'Shares ETFs

"Engaging, researched, and most of all fun...The Imagine It Book will have children hooked before they even realize it's all about STEM"
- Zanne Newman, M.Ed, Robotics and STEM teacher, Scout Leader, and mom

"Sabin’s books help form healthy habits in young minds; this one fosters curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and perseverance—qualities that will serve children in all areas of their lives.”
- Gretchen McClain, Engineer, CEO, and Tech Advisor

"This fun book will give curious young minds confidence to explore. It empowers them to think, try, play, fail, succeed, and learn along the way.”
- Horacio Rozanski, President and CEO, Booz Allen Hamilton

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