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Watering Can® books are more than just products to be put on shelves; they are innovative, award-winning tools for children and families that can be incorporated into your marketing and philanthropic strategies to create powerful outreach programs.

The parents, teachers, families and friends of today’s children are increasingly concerned about character education – they are also your constituents and consumers. Showing your dedication to developing strong, healthy kids is a solid strategic marketing effort.

Associating your brand with high-impact, positive products is a way to strengthen your image in the marketplace and position yourself as an advocate of children and families. Every time the book is opened, the message of your commitment to nurturing the future would be reinforced – and positive experiences are critical for creating and increasing brand loyalty.

A Corporation – committed to children, families and nurturing strong character in children, has an opportunity to “do a great thing” and simultaneously gain great value. Learn more about our corporate programs and how we can work with your company.

A Non-profit – Watering Can helps a variety of nonprofit organizations enhance community relations, accomplish programming goals, and raise funds with our unique books. Organizations focused on children, family, education, the environment, medical conditions, or any social issues, can benefit by purchasing our books or having a corporate sponsor or donor fund copies for their cause.

Here are some examples of ways we can help nonprofit organizations and cause-related campaigns meet their goals:

  • Many organizations create or maintain programs designed to educate and empower children. Our books provide an engaging and entertaining experience for kids and our free guides and tools help maximize the impact of our products in a group setting.

  • Organizations can purchase copies of the books at a significantly reduced price to use in fundraising campaigns or as gifts for donors, volunteers or board members. See our bulk order discount program.

  • Customizing our existing titles or creating an original book focused on an organization's messages, provides a powerful tool for use in marketing, programming and fundraising programs.

Email us for more information about non-profit outreach or customization of our books for your audience.

Learn about author appearances and speaking event topics.

Click here to watch a video excerpt of one reading event led by Ellen and John Starks, and hosted by the New York Knicks and Starbucks.

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