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The Nickels, Dimes, and Dollars Book
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Looking for books that simultaneously deliver personal development messages, provide fun experiences, engage families in conversations and empower children to celebrate themselves and their abilities? Watering Can books are gifts with heart and soul.

Watering Can Press books provide a combination of inspiring narrative and engaging activities that take children on a journey that helps them to grow while creating a scrapbook of their own thoughts and ideas on the topics we cover. Our books touch on important life lessons, invite children to ‘write’ and co-author their books, and build character while providing an interactive experience for children.

So, whether they're for your child or the child of a friend, client or employee, Watering Can books are gifts that children will value and parents will appreciate.

Parties with Purpose – Free guides for fun events!
Planning a birthday party, a rainy-day get together, an activity for a group of children that you would like to be memorable, fun and inspiring? We developed “Parties with Purpose” Guides that can help you plan fun, themed, parties while utilizing our books in a group setting. These guides are also great to use with our books at camps, youth organizations, or corporate events like "Take Your Child to Work Day" Download these free guides in PDF format:

The Giving Book “Parties with Purpose” Guide (240 KB PDF)
The Hero Book “Parties with Purpose” Guide (264 KB PDF)
The Greening Book “Parties with Purpose” Guide(322 KB PDF)
The Healthy Body Book “Parties with Purpose” Guide(518 KB PDF)

Parents' Guides - Free guides to support parents.
Below, find free guides that offer added suggestions to parents like you who are using our books to navigate conversations with your children.

The Nickels, Dimes, and Dollars Book “Parent's Guide” (860 KB PDF)
The Healing Heroes Book"Parent's Guide" (1,930 KB PDF)

The Giving Book shows children the power of their actions and encourages them to help others and make the world a better place. The Hero Book helps children discover the traits they admire in their role models and to celebrate the hero within themselves. The Autism Acceptance Book and its sequel, The Special Needs Acceptance Book, help children better understand and accept people who may seem different or behave in unfamiliar ways. The Healing Book helps children and families deal with the loss of a loved one. The Greening Book inspires children to build a friendship with the earth. The Healthy Body Book inspires children to make healthy choices and form healthy habits. The Nickels, Dimes, and Dollars Book teaches financial basics and healthy attitudes that will help support children in their financial futures. The Healing Heroes Book supports children when someone they love is wounded in military services. The Imagine It Book inspires children to apply creativity to their worlds and become hooked on discovering, creating and inventing the future. The Celebrate Family Book invites children to understand that every family is unique and to find value, safety, joy, and pride in their own family.

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