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The Super Smart Cyber GuideTHE SUPER SMART CYBER GUIDE FOR KIDS is an empowering and informative book that engages children (ages 6-12) in developing smart habits for the digital age. It invites them to explore and enjoy technology, and learn why and how to be mindful and careful when connected.

The book combines educational narrative, conversation starters, and hands-on activities to encourage children to learn the important building blocks for online safety. Along the way, this book will motivate them toward a lifetime of good habits and well-honed skills so they become confident, safe, and thoughtful cyber citizens.

Order the e-book version of The Super Smart Cyber Guide for Kids now! Order from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo.

The Super Smart Cyber Guide for Kids grows kids with character by:

Helping them embrace their power to make smart online decisions.

Encouraging them to ask questions and seek advice as they explore the online world.

Exercising their critical thinking skills.
Guiding them to choose thoughtful behavior to reduce online bullying and enhance coping skills.
Promoting their ability to be mindful of risks and dangers, while being comfortable with the benefits of technology.

Why The Super Smart Cyber Guide for Kids is important for today's children…

Today's children are online at a young age, for many more hours, and in more ways than ever before. They are using the Internet for education, connections, playtime and more. Without coaching, they can expose themselves (and also sometimes their family's devices) to risks.

For parents and educators, explaining cybersecurity to children can be a daunting task; yet doing so is an important part of their safety education.

Habits learned at a young age are most likely to "stick," so teaching skills and mental reflexes around online safety are best to introduce when children begin using devices. The good news is that smart online habits can be taught and can increase safety. Kids can learn skills to protect private information, voice discomfort, ask questions, and think analytically.

In addition, today's kids are tomorrow's problem-solvers, inventors, and cyber experts. Children who are raised to be smart and confident online will become more comfortable with technology–opening up opportunities for their futures.

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Click here to download sample pages of The Super Smart Cyber Guide for Kids in PDF format (5.5 MB).

Note: Upon request, we can offer a printed version of this book for bulk orders.

Corporations and organizations interested in sharing this book–in e-book or print format–with clients, employees, or community partners, please email us for information about bulk discounts and customized corporate print versions.

"Cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination. Sabin's empowering book for children takes them on a cyber journey and provides practical and fun steps to practice digital safety and reduce their risks while online. I highly recommend this book to parents, educators, and leaders."
- Patricia Titus, Board Member, Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth; Chief Privacy and Information Security Officer, Markel Corporation; Former CISO at Symantec and TSA

"As a father and an executive in cybersecurity, I hope this book will reach children and be spread by companies to serve families and communities.”
- Ed Amoroso, Former Chief Security Officer, AT&T; CEO, TAG Cyber

“A timely and important book that teaches children the critical thinking skills needed to be safe online and empowers them to make smart choices. Well done!”
- Suzanne Spaulding, Former DHS Undersecretary for Cyber and Infrastructure; Senior Advisor at Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

“This book offers a creative, informative, and positive way to teach young and old alike cyber safety basics. It will serve as inspiration for young learners to become the next generation of cybersecurity experts.”
- Keith Alexander, Former Director, NSA; Commander, US Cyber Command; General, US Army (Ret.); Founder, IronNet Cybersecurity

"Cybersecurity is one of the top priorities for companies and governments, as well as colleges and universities who are preparing students for careers in the field. This book provides a path to introduce habit-forming building blocks that will help children engage safely online and create smart digital citizens.”
- John S. Pistole, Former Deputy Director, FBI; Former Administrator, TSA; President, Anderson University

"This was fun! I like using my devices and I liked learning how to be more cyber cool, cyber careful, cyber kind, and cyber connected."
- Susan Collins, 10 year old

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