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Watering Can books are entertaining, stimulating, and effective tools for classrooms, after-school programs and youth groups.

They build character and teach children the power of their actions and the importance of compassion.
They promote self-confidence.
They instill lifelong patterns of dedication, leadership and philanthropy.
They fulfill numerous National and State Content Standards.

The Free Teachers Guides offered through our site make it easy to incorporate our books into the classroom and help maximize their impact.

The focus on character education in our country is increasing rapidly with such programs being mandatory in most states – targeting grades K-12 in six main areas: caring, justice, fairness, civic virtue, respect, responsibility, and citizenship.

Watering Can books offer an opportunity to teach character development issues like philanthropy, respect, and compassion while children are engaging in activities that engage and excite them.

Other Standards addressed by using Watering Can books include: language arts, science, civics, math, history, as well as:

* Reading and writing skills
* Citizenship
* Basic economics vocabulary and skills
* Conservation
* Problem solving
* Thinking and reasoning

Free Teacher's Guides: We have provided free Teacher’s Guides, with recommended lessons, activities and resources:

The Giving Book Teacher's Guide.

The Hero Book Teacher's Guide.

The Autism Acceptance Book Teacher's Guide.

The Special Needs Acceptance Book Teacher's Guide.

The Greening Book Teacher's Guide.

The Healthy Body Book Teacher's Guide.

The Nickels, Dimes, and Dollars Book Teacher's Guide.

The Imagine It Book Teacher's Guide.

Age appropriateness: These books are valuable for students between six and twelve years of age.

ORDER NOW     Take advantage of bulk order discounts and share Watering Can books with your students.

We are currently booking author appearances for schools, groups and communities. Speaking events can be focused on helping teachers and community leaders to teach about the topics addressed in our books and/or tailored for children through book readings or group activities. Learn more about author appearances or email us with questions.

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